Steven Rockefeller, Jr. – Chairman, Rose Rock

“Denis has for more than four decades been that friend in life to whom I can turn with my boldest, most creative and technologically dependent impulses.  The two of us have produced love songs, movies in a sweltering Papua New Guinea, and pushed the envelope for home-based entrepreneurship alongside crypto.  Behind all that we have ever done has been a collective drive to serve community and family while staying true to the fundamental tenets of story and entertainment.”  

Steven C. Rockefeller, Jr. 

June, 2023

Anne Rast – Associate Creative Director, (AdWorkshop)

“Denis is the Energizer bunny of Production. You need it, you want it, he gets it done. If he can’t do it well himself, he’s man enough to figure it out or bring in someone who can. Always positive, and always full of good creative energy that keeps the team on task, on budget, and enjoying the experience no matter how challenging. Denis is a people person – turns strangers into friends in minutes by being real, human, and genuine. An editing wizard and music pro, Denis will make your idea sing and your messaging powerful. Humility and collaboration are not always readily available in this profession, by Denis packs a suitcase full for use on every set. Hey Denis, when are we shooting next? I’m in!!”

Glenn Smith -Copywriter

“Denis has the unique ability to focus intensely on projects, deliver excellent media while remaining cool under the pressures inherent to the industry. I’ve worked with him on set and he’s an impeccable professional who enjoys what he does. It’s obvious he’s in his element. What’s more, his keen business sense and technical aptitude directs creativity into powerful results. There is no doubt, Denis and the Verde team will continue to produce superior media products…well into the future!”