“PROMISE” 承诺 Based on the book by Steven Rockefeller, Jr.

Promise reveals the emerging country of Papua New Guinea, by Denis O’Brien & Steven Rockefeller, Jr. The Promise of a future is tied to the production and sale of Wood. The forests are a huge asset for PNG and we look into the careful work Rimbunan Hijau is doing to gain lumber and keep the environment pristine. This emerging nation has to grapple with old world technologies and traditions merging with cell phones and shopping malls. The lumber industry is the backbone of the economy and provides a valuable financial bedrock for this emerging nation. Travel with Denis & Steven to New Ireland to see a lumber camp , and also to other locations in New Britain and showing responsible timber management. As they rapidly enter the modern world, the people of the PNG are a vibrant and interesting people and shine brightly in this meditative film.

The entire film was shot in the FixedFrame.TV format.

Executive Producer Steven C. Rockefeller, Jr.
Director Denis P. O’Brien

Producers Steven C. Rockefeller, Jr. + Denis P. O’Brien
Director of Photography Steven C. Rockefeller, Jr.
Writer Chris Moore
Editor Brian Starr
Color Correction & Title Effects Joel Smith
Original Music Score Rob Portman
Narrator Adrianna Allen
Audio Record & Mix Chazz Menendez
Calligraphy Mr. Wu
Translation Services Stephen Steckel
Additional Cameraman Denis O’Brien
Stage Production Central
Director of Photography Faroukh Mistry
Assistant Camera John Kelly
Audio Engineer Parker Colt
Lighting Director Alejandro Rivera

Key Grip David Brown II
SPECIAL THANKS To the people of Papau New Guinea who welcomed and assisted us at every turn.
Tropic Air, Port Moresby, PNG
Airways Hotel, Port Moresby, PNG
Nusa Island Resort – New Ireland Province, PNG
Rapopo Plantation Resort- Rabaul, New Britain Province, PNG

Vision City Mall, Port Moresby, PNG
A Very Special Thanks to Axel, Chase, Yeap, William and Bruno who really made everything happen for us in PNG
Handheld Films, NY
DJM Films, NY