Projects 2022

These projects are what we are producing now.

ZODIAC – Pilot Complete

Superficial Intelligence Comedy/Gaming

A motley crew of tech wizards come together after one thinks he witnessed a murder while gaming online.


The corporation Iridian is mindhacking the planet using a neural implant that was designed to pipe the internet straight into the brain.

Space Diner Tales

The year is 2075 and an alien race is set to conquer earth…

The Nightbreed

Three Unique individuals must work together to unravel their mysterious origins and battle a dark underworld secretly ruling humanity.

Ten24 The Movie

In post 9/11 America, on Oct. 24th 2001 (TEN24) an innocent man (Harry) is framed for murder by a rookie cop (Scott) who has responded to a silent, but false alarm of a robbery in progress at a hotel. Harry arrives at the hotel to pick up his wife (Kathleen) and is immediately drawn into a police stand off situation where Scott and his senior partner (John) have everyone from the hotel lobby on the ground at gun point, except Kathleen, who refuses to lay on the ground. Scott and John have been told that it ís a false alarm by the hotel manager, but they have come, 9/11 pumped up, and they aren’t going to leave empty handed. Harry is told to get on the ground, he refuses to comply and stands with Kathleen to protect her.

VolunTyranny – Documentary

Documentary is in release. Investigates the criminal abuse of so called volunteers at major ski areas.

Death’s Door (Series)

Death’s Door is a medical drama based on a true-life story / from a Dr. Sebastian Sepulveda’s actual medical notes / his book on an end-of-life care At Death’s Door.
Deaths Door follows Dr. Mark Corbin, an end-of-life-care doctor; and what makes Death’s Door unique is all Mark’s patients are terminal; unlike all other medical dramas, in Death’s Door, everybody dies.
Death’s Door follows the doctors, nurses, and loved ones as they struggle to deal with the constant death.

Pits Movie

In Afghanistan, and in other locations, the PITS, or Burn Pits are areas of garbage disposal for the military, where items including batteries, weaponry and other items are incinerated as to not leave anything of value for the folks in country. This pattern if disposal and its results have caused us to undertake this film. The ability to tell the story of Michael Heston and so many others to show the disconnect the military has, LIKE IT DID WITH AGENT ORANGE and we will bring that to the forefront.