Denis O’Brien – Film/TV Director

Storyteller Denis O’Brien captures the magic feeling and creates beautiful spots. Actors and crews alike love his style and and approach to the process. Often Producing as well, the spots show care and warmth across all budgets.

Angstroms – Alair Homes Testimonials

Director and Producer. On site creating a Branded Content film, we had time to create testimonial media to illustrate the Client service they feature at Alair.

Metro Channel – TV Promo (Rainbow)

TV Promo we created for RAINBOW for Sophia Vargara’s show METRO CHANNEL. Intro was shot on set in NY City. 35MM Film with steadicam.

“PROMISE” 承诺 by Steven Rockefeller, Jr.

PROMISE” 承诺 by Steven Rockefeller, Jr.. A meditative, artistic tour of Papau New Guinea, its people and emerging place in a changing world. Specific care is given to the emerging nation and how lumber is integral to their lives .